Join eBook readers around the world reading one book.Millions of library patrons are participating in the first ever “Big Library Read” of an eBook, and you are invited to join in the fun.

The Four Corners of the Sky is master story teller Michael Malone’s novel of love, secrets, and the mysterious bonds of families.  Malone brings characters to life as only he can, exploring the questions that defy easy answers: is love a choice or a calling? Why do the ties of family bind so tightly? And is forgiveness a gift to others…or a gift we give ourselves?

The NEIBORS program, available through Hawkins Memorial Library, is participating in Overdrive’s project, “Big Library Read.” Big Library Read is a pilot program in which libraries worldwide offer a single eBook to all of their patrons. In addition to creating a global “library book club,” Big Library Read is designed to demonstrate the positive exposure and sales influence library eBook catalogs provide to authors and publishers. It will spotlight one title for a set time period for library patrons around the world to read simultaneously.

This book is available for simultaneous checkouts for the project’s duration, May 15-30, 2013. You can get this free eBook by going to the Hawkins Memorial Library’s website,, clicking on the NEIBORS tab, and searching for the book The Four Corners of the Sky.