Free photo downloads are a benefit only subscribers to The Progress Review receive. 

Please note: Photos displayed on and The Progress Review App are protected by international copyright law. The Progress Review’s subscribers are granted permission to download and use these photos for personal use only.

Photo download instructions:

1. After clicking/tapping on the photo gallery you wish to view, a login prompt will be displayed.

2. Click/tap on the Login link (circled in red).


3. Enter your username and password, then click on the SIGN IN button.


A successful login will display the first 20 images in the photo gallery.

Click on a thumbnail image to enlarge the photo.

If you wish to download the photo, click on the ADD TO CART button below the image.


Galleries with more than 20 photos will display links to additional gallery pages (circled in red).

Click/tap on a page link to view additional photos.

Each time you click on an ADD TO CART button, the screen will reload and

the photos you have selected will be displayed in the Items In Your Cart frame.

When finished adding photos to the cart, click/tap on the yellow Checkout with PayPal button (circled in red). Because photo

downloads are free for subscribers, no credit card or payment information is needed to complete this transaction. 

Please note: You must agree to the Terms & Conditions for use of photos before proceeding. 

Complete the information requested on the DIGITAL DOWNLOADS SHOPPING CART.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to enter your correct e-mail address, as this is where the links to download your photos will be sent.

When the form has been completed, click/tap on the CONFIRM ORDER button.

After the order has been processed, an e-mail containing links to the photos ordered will be sent to the e-mail addressed specified. In addition to sending the e-mail, a TRANSACTION SUMMARY screen will be displayed. While it also contains links to the photos that were ordered, using the links contained in the e-mail is the recommended download method.