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Good morning! I wanted to take a few moments to express my gratitude for the services available in your fine city. I live in Urbana, Iowa and spend a lot of time riding on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. I have ridden up to and through La Porte City countless times in the last couple of years and I enjoy riding through and stopping in your city. I was initially disappointed when the bridge on the north side of the park was closed for structural reasons. I soon realized that the ride through town made it much more convenient to stop at the local businesses. I have stopped at Casey’s many times for a snack and a beverage. When I am headed north I usually follow the highway and stop before pressing on to Gilbertville or Evansdale. On the way home I like to take the short trail on the west side of the highway and that leads me through downtown/uptown before I turn east at the ice cream shop. On several trips I have sat in the park (usually mid-morning) and contemplated lunch at the restaurant across the street. I wanted to let the Mayor and the Council know that I enjoy your city and that it is the perfect place to stop on my frequent rides along the trail! I would encourage the Mayor and the Council to put up a couple of signs directing trail users around the bridge and past your businesses. I, myself know the way through town, other riders may see the closed bridge and just turn around and leave before having the chance to explore La Porte City.
I have attended several bike rides, expo’s and cycling events and at all of them it seems bikers talk a lot about coffee, beer and local culture. I think La Porte City has all of those things to offer! With your proximity to the Waterloo/Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids areas I think La Porte City could easily become a cycling destination! The Black Hawk County Conservation Committee has recently done some work on the trail through Brandon and these improvements have made it much easier for bikers to ride to your community! If you could ask the Black Hawk County Conservation Board to fund the signage and maintain the trail THROUGH your city I think the big winners would be the bikers and La Porte City! I would also encourage you to visit bikeiowa.com and introduce your city as a destination for trail users of all types. The park just off of 8th street is an excellent place to park and ride!
I look forward to many trips to La Porte City this season and I hope to bring many other bikers with me! Take care of your fair city and help the trail users find all of the resources you have in your city!
Let me know if their is anything I can do to help with ideas or signage to show bikers the way through, not around your town!

Robert (RJ) Reynolds
Urbana, Iowa