The Union Community Schools Board of Directors didn’t have to look very far to find a successor to Neil Mullen as Superintendent of Schools. On November 24, the School Board selected current Union High School principal Travis Fleshner to replace Mullen, who had announced his decision to retire in 2016 earlier this year.
“First, I would like to share that I am excited to serve the Union School District in a new capacity. We have many things to be proud of in our school district and to have the opportunity to serve as the lead learner in the district is very humbling. I am appreciative of the community and staff support that was shared during the interview process and for the well wishes following the school boards decision to offer me the position,” Fleshner commented.
In 2005, Fleshner, was one of four building administrators new to the district, along with principals Todd Parker (La Porte City Elementary), David Hill (Dysart-Geneseo Elementary) and Mark Albertsen (Union Middle School). After more than ten years working together as an administartive team, Mullen’s early retirement announcement allowed the School Board sufficient time to complete the search for a new superintendent and develop a plan for a seamless transition to new leadership in the district office.
“Serving on the administrative team for the past eleven years will certainly ease the transition into the superintendent role and allow for little lost time in making connections with all of the buildings. Given the timing of my hire, I will have the remainder of the school year to finalize items at the high school and work with Mr. Mullen to plan for the upcoming school year. Our next order of business will be hire the next high school principal for Union High School,” Fleshner said.