By Anthony Redman

School shootings have become more frequent within the United States. At Union High School, the staff has a plan to follow in case of any incidents.

The precautions at Union high school right now are proactive. If students see or hear something such as an attack, or a threat made against the school, it is never taken lightly. Staff always gets to the bottom of any threat, even if it is a joke.

All of these rules started ever since Columbine started; some people think it started a trend throughout the U.S. ever since 1999.

Walkie talkies are now a strategy at Union High, if someone were to start something anywhere in the school. This way, staff could pin point where it is coming from within a matter of minutes.

If an event like this were to occur, law enforcement would arrive at the school within 3-5 minutes, including Sheriff’s from Waterloo as well.

The one question students are asking: Where would they go in case of a shooting? If an incident occurs, students would have to use the “run, hide, fight” method, in which case you run out of the building if there is a clear path, hide if you are unable to run out of the building and if it comes down to it, you fight.

“Fight doesn’t mean to physically fight with an intruder, rather to throw and attack the intruder with any object available to you in the room if necessary. The object is to create as many barriers as possible between you and the intruder” Cayton said.

Union High School principal, Jim Cayton, discussed facts on how easy it would be for someone to start a school shooting.

“It’s just as easy as any other place unfortunately, we don’t have any other super precautions that any other building doesn’t” Mr. Cayton said.

Mr. Cayton felt sad and disappointed that school shootings are becoming a more common occurrence. As of October 4th, there have been 65 shootings on schools and campuses in the U.S. already matching 2017’s total school shootings for the whole year.

School shootings are very unpredictable and any school could be a target. What matters is having precautions and a plan in place for a situation like this, but when it comes down to it, hoping something like this will not happen cannot stop a speeding bullet.