Several Union Middle School Band members participated in the NEIBA Solo Ensemble Contest on March 10, 2016. The contest was a great success.

Red ribbons and “Excellent” ratings were awarded to 6th graders Mae Deaton on alto saxophone solo, Jocelyn Gates on clarinet solo, and Gabe Hanson on trombone solo, 7th graders Emma Deaton on clarinet solo, and Clayton Loeb on trumpet solo, and 8th grader Aubrey Schmidt on trumpet solo. Blue ribbons and “Superior” ratings were awarded to 6th graders Josef Schmitz on alto saxophone solo, Carlie Spore on baritone solo, Haven Ellsworth on flute solo, Gabriel Jesse on clarinet solo, Alexis Nosko on flute solo, Zian Seuser on tuba solo, Elle Hookham on trumpet solo, and Tristen Prouse on flute solo, 7th graders Alex Hall on alto saxophone solo, Tyson Fleshner on snare drum solo, Jacob Hill on snare drum solo, Kylea Neuendorf on alto saxophone solo, Sarah Roberts on flute solo, and Marcus Albertsen on trombone solo, 8th graders Rachel Kline on flute solo, Leah Kaufman on flute solo, Carlie Hoppe on alto saxophone solo, and Rachel Hellman on clarinet solo. One performance was chosen for the “Highly Superior” rating and awarded a gold ribbon. This honor was earned by eighth grade flute player Teagan Prouse for her performance of “Offertoire” by Johannes Donjon. Bill Livingston judged the contest and Mary Aschenbrenner was the contest piano accompanist.