June 19, 2017 (pending board approval) 

Call to Order: Board President Joe Connolly called the regular meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. The following board members were present: Darrell DeWinter, Corey Lorenzen, Cathy Niebergall, Kevin Sash, Jenna Scott, and Brian Weber.  Agenda: The agenda was revised to include the following:  Item 14a, Approve Preschool Agreements. On a motion by Weber, second by Niebergall, the agenda was approved as amended. Motion carried 7-0.  Correspondence: Thank you cards from Madison Winter for receiving a Norma Anders Scholarship and a thank you from the FRC Robotics Team for the board’s support were passed around for the board to read. Superintendent’s Report: 1) Recognitions: Congratulations to the Girls Soccer Team on their runner-up finish at the State Soccer Tournament. 2) Letter from Denver Teacher: Received a letter from a Denver teacher commending Union CSD for the wide-scale participation at the AEA workshop this month. 3) Teaching Staff Considerations: hiring of HS staff is completed, will be interviewing for MS special education position tomorrow (Tuesday), hiring for LPC Elem is completed, and this agenda includes hiring a 4th grade teacher for D-G Elem. 4) Employee Handbook: A group of employees participated in reviewing the employee handbook and making suggestions. IASB sent out their employee handbook template last Thursday and we have not had time to go through it to see if there is anything else we might want to add to Union’s handbook. Planning on having the employee handbook ready for the board to review prior to the July 17th board meeting. 5) Financial Update: a. Natural Gas: We have the agreement from WoodRiver Energy for Joe to sign. b. Voted PPEL: The action item is on this agenda. 6) Facility Update: a. Roofing Plan: Struxture Architects has offered to do a full walk through of the buildings at a cost of $15,000. The board consensus was to not spend the money at this time for the full walk through. b. Union HS Media Center and Entryway Furniture: will be ordered July 1st. c. Tennis Courts at HS: $80,000 to repair and resurface. 7) Technology: a. Waiting to get final approval on process technology contracting from the school attorney. b. Considering transferring some funds from the partial self-funded account to the General Fund to use for next purchase of chromebooks.  (In the past, our auditors have told us we should not build this account above our maximum liability too much unless we are planning on making changes to the amount the district pays for health insurance that would increase our maximum liability.  We would transfer amount for chromebooks while maintaining an amount to cover our maximum liability.) 8) Marketing Plan: Hoping to have a proposal in July for the board to take action on. 9) Daycare Conversation:  The Dysart DDC is moving forward with their plans for daycare. Will be contacting Aplington-Parkersburg tomorrow about their before/after school program. There is a committee in LPC that has also started discussing daycare. 10) The La Porte City City Council would like to meet jointly with the school board on June 28th at 7:00 pm. 11) Technology:  Looking at technology support companies. Have received quotes from two vendors. 12) Prairie Fire Theatre: Considering doing something like this using internal resources. Prairie Fire has cost around $3,000 each of the last two years. 13) Concessions Trailer:  The district has not used the concessions trailer for several years. Could sell the concessions trailer and purchase another cargo trailer. The board consensus was to sell the concessions trailer and purchase another cargo trailer. 14) June 23rd: The HS and District Office will be closed in the afternoon as there will be no electricity while an electric meter is being switched out.  Voted Physical Plant and Equipment Levy Resolution: The board discussed the Voted PPEL at length, talking about what the money could be used for and levy amount options they could be looking at. The board discussed setting the maximum levy amount at $1.00 or $1.34 per thousand. They discussed the other levies already in place and how they might be able to lower some of those levies as they put in place a Voted PPEL levy. The board decided to set the maximum levy at $1.34 per thousand, allowing them to decide each year whether to levy at the maximum or an amount below the maximum.PHYSICAL PLANT AND EQUIPMENT LEVYRESOLUTION OF ELECTION  Director Lorenzen introduced and caused to be read the Resolution hereinafter set out and moved its adoption; seconded by Director DeWinter; after due consideration thereof by the Board, the President put the question upon the adoption of said Resolution and, the roll being called, the following Directors voted: Weber – aye, Connolly – aye, DeWinter – aye, Lorenzen – aye, Niebergall – aye, Sash – aye, Scott – aye.  Motion carried 7-0.RESOLUTION  WHEREAS, the Board deems it necessary and desirable to provide additional funding for the Union Community School District pursuant to the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy and  WHEREAS, the Board wishes to take action to adopt a Resolution of Election directing an election of the question of participating in the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy;  NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board:  Section 1: That the Board Secretary is hereby authorized to direct the County Commissioner of Elections to submit the question of participation in the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy to the qualified electors of the District on September 12, 2017, on the following proposition:  Shall the Board of Directors of the Union Community School District in the counties of Black Hawk, Tama, Benton and Buchanan, State of Iowa, be authorized for a period of ten (10) years, to levy and impose a voter-approved physical plant and equipment property tax of not exceeding one dollar and thirty-four cents ($1.34) per one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) of the assessed valuation of the taxable property within the school district commencing with the levy of property taxes for collection in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019, and be authorized annually, in combination, as determined by the Board, to levy a physical plant and equipment property tax on all of the taxable property within the school district and to impose a physical plant and equipment income surtax levy upon the state individual income tax of each individual income taxpayer residing in the school district on December 31 for each calendar year commencing with the calendar year 2018, or each year thereafter (the percent of income surtax not to exceed twenty percent (20%) to be determined by the Board each year), with the maximum amount levied and imposed by said combination limited to the amount that could be raised by a one dollar and thirty-four cents ($1.34) property tax levy, to be used for the purchase and improvement of grounds; the construction of schoolhouses or buildings and opening roads to schoolhouses or buildings; the purchase, lease, or lease-purchase of equipment or technology exceeding $500.00 in value per purchase, lease, or lease-purchase transaction, and each transaction may include multiple equipment or technology units;  the payment of debts contracted for the erection or construction of schoolhouses or buildings, not including interest on bonds; procuring or acquisition of library facilities; repairing, remodeling, reconstructing, improving, or expanding the schoolhouses or buildings and additions to existing schoolhouses; expenditures for energy conservation, including payments made pursuant to a guarantee furnished by a school district entering into a financing agreement for energy management improvements, limited to agreements pursuant to Sections 473.19, 473.20, or 473.20A, Code of Iowa; the rental of facilities under Chapter 28E, Code of Iowa; purchase of transportation equipment for transporting students; the purchase of buildings or lease-purchase option agreements for school buildings; equipment purchases for recreational purposes; payments to a municipality or other entity as required under Section 403.19, subsection 2, Code of Iowa; and demolition, clean up, and other costs if such costs are necessitated by, and incurred within two years of, a disaster as defined in Section 29C.2, subsection 2, Code of Iowa.  Section 2: That all resolutions or orders or parts thereof in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed to the extent of such conflict.  Passed and approved June 19, 2017.  Joseph R. Connolly, Jr., Board President  Attest: Kathy Krug, Board Secretary  Superintendent Evaluation (Closed Session): Sash made a motion to go into closed session as authorized by section 21.5(1)(a) of the open meetings law to review or discuss records which are required or authorized to be kept confidential, second by Niebergall.  Roll call vote: Connolly – aye, DeWinter – aye, Lorenzen – aye, Niebergall – aye, Sash – aye, Scott – aye, Weber – aye. Motion carried 7-0.   The board went into closed session at 7:25 pm.    On a motion by Lorenzen, second by Niebergall, the board voted to go out of closed session. Roll call vote: DeWinter – aye, Lorenzen – aye, Niebergall – aye, Sash – aye, Scott – aye, Weber – aye, Connolly – aye. Motion carried 7-0.    The board went into open session at 9:19 pm. Superintendent Contract: On a motion by Weber, second by Niebergall, the board approved Superintendent Fleshner’s 2-year contract, which includes an increase of $1,100 for FY18, and 5 unused vacation days carried over from FY17 to FY18. Motion carried 7-0.   Bid for School Bus Sale: On a motion by Weber, second by Sash, the board accepted a bid of $1,800 from Chad Hansen for school bus #6. One other bid was received for $1,552. Motion carried 7-0.  Bid for Middle School Concrete: On a motion by Weber, second by Niebergall, the board accepted the bid of $52,694.75 from Petersen Concrete Construction for middle school parking lot paving. Motion carried 7-0.  2017-2018 Bread Bids: On a motion by Niebergall, second by DeWinter, the board accepted the Bimbo Bakery bread bid for the 2017-2018 school year. Motion carried 7-0.   2017-2018 Milk Bids: On a motion by DeWinter, second by Niebergall, the board accepted the Anderson-Erickson milk bid for the 2017-2018 school year. Motion carried 7-0.    Approve Schedule for Monthly Transfers from Capital Projects to Debt Services Sinking Fund for Payment of Principal and Interest in the Amount of $59,300 per month from July 2017 through June 2018: On a motion by Niebergall, second by Oliver, the board approved the monthly transfers of $59,300 from Capital Projects to the Debt Service Bond Sinking Fund from July 2017 through June 2018. Motion carried 7-0. Approve the Following Activity Transfers: Transfer of activity ticket revenue to extra-curricular accounts in activity fund that honored activity tickets; Transfer of portion of balances in HS Volleyball, B Basketball, G Basketball, Football, Baseball, Softball, G Track, B Track, Soccer, and HS Concessions activity fund accounts to cover activity accounts with deficit balances at the end of the current fiscal year; Transfer of portion of balances in MS General Athletics and MS Concessions activity fund accounts to cover activity accounts with deficit balances at the end of the current fiscal year.  (High School activity accounts may be used if deficits exceed MS General Athletics and Concessions Balances.); Transfer of portion of balance of Annual-Prior Years to cover Annual 2016 deficit balance; Transfer Balance of Annual 2015 to Annual-Prior Years; Magazine Sales: Transfer 75% of magazine sales profits to MS General Athletics and 25% of magazine sales profits to class funds of grades 6, 7, and 8, according to sales percentages of each class (class funds are used to pay for prom expenses in junior year); Transfer student activity checking interest to activity accounts with gate receipts; Transfer student activity savings interest to activity accounts with balances over $1,000.   On a motion by Lorenzen, second by Sash, the board approved the requested transfers in the Activity Fund. Motion carried 7-0. Approve Preschool Agreements (for FY18): On a motion by DeWinter, second by Oliver, the board approved the preschool agreements with LPC Preschool and Raggedy Ann and Andy Preschool. Motion carried 7-0.  Consent Agenda: Minutes of the May 15, 2017 and June 7, 2017 board meetings; Claims to be paid; Financial Reports; Personnel – Resignations: Sara Jesse as HS Volleyball Assistant, Appointments: Peg Hennings as D-G Elem A/R, Peg Hennings as D-G Elem Technology, Haley Spragg as D-G Elem 4th Grade Teacher; Open Enrollment Requests.   On a motion by Niebergall, second by Oliver, the board approved the consent agenda. Motion carried 7-0.  Adjourn: On a motion by Weber, second by Sash, the meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm. Motion carried 7-0.  Joe Connolly, President  Kathy Krug, Board Secretary INVOICES APPROVED JUNE 19, 2017GENERAL FUND                            ADVANCED SYSTEMS, INC, HS COPIER MAINTENANCE, 149.33 AHA! PROCESS, INC, HS GUIDANCE BOOKS, 72.00 AIRGAS NORTH CENTRAL, HS IND TECH SUPPLIES, 519.59 ALBERTSEN, MARK 4/17 WALMART REIMB-8TH GRD FIELD TRIP, 26.72 ALLIANT ENERGY/IPL, NATURAL GAS, 577.91 AP EXAMS, AP EXAMS, 610.00 AREA 267, FY17 2ND SEM – WORK EXP/TRANSITION SERV, 4,225.50 AREA 267, PRINTED CERTIFICATES, 118.20 ART CRAFT STUDIO, INC, HS ART SUPPLIES, 37.73 BAUER BUILT, BUS #26 – TIRES, 669.18 BECK, LOUIS, MLG AND SUPPLIES REIMB, 347.58 BEHRENS, CHRISTOPHER, DOT PHYSICAL REIM – C BEHRENS, 70.00 BLACK HAWK CO. SHERIFF DEPT., DON’T CURRICULUM-$30 X 61 STUDENTS, 1,830.00 BLACK HILLS ENERGY, NATURAL GAS, 741.93 BMO HARRIS MASTERCARD, NSTA SUPPLIES – SCHMIDT, 2,153.87 BOOKHOUSE, THE, LPC ELEM – TEXTBOOKS, 2,644.52 CALIFORNIA QUALITY PLASTICS, INC, MS CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES, 991.18 CAM COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT, 2ND SEM OPEN ENROLLMENT, 16,896.70 CASEY’S GENERAL STORE, GASOLINE, 1,601.17 CAYTON, JAMES, 5/23 WALMART REIMB-CHROMEBOOK TOTES, 185.49 CENTRAL IOWA DIST, INC, CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES, 15,281.78 CENTURY LINK, LONG DISTANCE CHARGES, 107.16 CITY OF DYSART, UTILITIES, 8,056.71 CNC LUMBER & SUPPLIES, LLC, DYSART BUS BARN SUPPLIES, 29.15 DAKTRONICS, INC., HS FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD – SURGE CARD KIT, 755.00 DARNALL POYNER, JOLEEN, HS ART SUPPLIES SCULPTURE CLASS, 8.47 DEMCO, INC, LPC ELEM – MEDIA BAGS, 114.44 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, 5/16 BUS INSPECTIONS, 320.00 DRAKE UNIVERSITY, 6/22 STANDARDS-BASED TRAINING, 398.00 DYSART POST OFFICE, BOX RENT – DYSART – 12 MONTHS, 92.00 DYSART TIRE & SERVICE, INC, BUS REPAIRS, 5,936.77 DYSART UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, ETIQUETTE MEAL – HALL RENTAL, 100.00 EAST CENTRAL IOWA COOPERATIVE, GASOLINE/DIESEL FUEL, 8,155.24 ENCOMPASS IOWA, LLC, JUNE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES, 6,138.00 EWALD, GARY, D-G ELEM – TRK/FLD DAY DOUGHNUTS, 19.50 FAMILIES FIRST COUNSELING SERVICES, HS COUNSELING SERV – JUV CRT SERV, 4,004.00 FARMERS COOP TELEPHONE CO, LOCAL SVC, 1,063.14 FOLLETT SCHOOL SOLUTIONS, INC, D-G ELEM LIBRARY BOOKS, 19.04 GARDNER PLUMBING, HS HOT WATER LINE – REPAIR, 110.00 GARY’S THRIFTWAY FOODS, FCS/SCIENCE SUPPLIES, 379.29 HANSEN’S FARM FRESH DAIRY, INC, D-G ELEM KDGTN FLD TRIP, 110.00 HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, HS COURSES, GRAD FLOWERS, 12,618.40 HEINEMANN, FOUNTAS – SINA, 20,918.80 HERFF JONES, HS DIPLOMAS, 2,266.64 IA ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL BOARDS, MAY 2017 BACKGROUND CHECKS, 28.00 IFCSEP CONFERENCE, IFCSE FONER REG- D STOAKES, 225.00 ILA/ISLA, FY18 HS LIBRARY SUPPLIES, 14.50 IOWA DIVISION OF CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, BAKGROUND CHK – D STOAKES, 41.00 IOWA DIVISION OF LABOR SERVICES, MS/D-G ELEM BOILER INSPECTIONS, 240.00 IOWA FFA ASSOCIATION, FFA WASHINGTON LEADERSHIP CONF, 799.25 IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES, TRANSP SIGNS, 110.50 IOWA SHRINE BOWL GAMES, SHRINER BOWL FUNDRAISER, 504.00 JOHN’S QWIK STOP, GASOLINE, 534.64 JUNGLING, DEB, LPC ELEM SHEET MUSIC, 32.16 KEEGAN, MICHELLE, MAY 2017 TLC MLG REIMB, 57.80 KRIZ, AMY, 8/2016 POVERTY TRAINING REIMB, 40.00 LA PORTE CITY PRESCHOOL, JUNE SWVPP PYMNT, 22,617.97 LA PORTE CITY PRINTING & DESIGN, INC, PRINT HS GRADUATION PROGRAMS, 422.00 LA PORTE CITY TELEPHONE CO., LOCAL SVC, 1,251.05 LA PORTE CITY UTILITIES, UTILITIES, 10,872.19 LANG, CORY, MS PBIS CONF PRKNG/SUPPLIES, 120.37 LAPORTE MOTOR SUPPLY, INC, CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES, 585.59 LEYEN, GARY, 6/3 HAWK COM COLLEGE MLG REIMB, 19.04 LINDGREN GLASS PRODUCTS, INC, D-G/LPC ELEM GLASS REPLACEMENT, 617.00 LOCKSPERTS, INC, HS CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES, 5.70 LONG, LOIS, MLG REIMB, 369.92 MADISON NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO, JUNE 2017 LTD/LIFE PREMIUMS, 2,071.13 MATHCOUNTS FOUNDATION, MS MATHCOUNTS REGISTR – EARLY BIRD, 240.00 MENARD, INC, MS IND TECH SUPPLIES, 8.99 MENARDS – CEDAR FALLS, MS IND TECH SUPPLIES, 88.44 MERCER H&B ADMIN -IOWA FIDUCIARY, JULY INSURANCE PREMIUMS, 145,912.46 MERITAIN HEALTH, JUNE FLEX ADMIN FEES, 321.36 MONKEYTOWN, HS CLASSROOM SUPPLIES, 122.29 MOTORHEAD MAYHEM SERVICE & REPAIR, VEHICLE REPAIRS, 722.04 MUTUAL WHEEL CO., TRAILER REPAIR, 27.25 NAT’L ASSOC OF SEC SCHOOL PRIN, HS MEMBERSHIP FOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, 385.00 ORKIN PEST CONTROL, 5/24 PEST CONTROL, 276.22 P & K MIDWEST INC, MOWER #73 REPAIR PARTS, 127.73 PITNEY BOWES EASY PERMIT POSTAGE, POSTAGE, 1,504.99 PITNEY BOWES, INC, MS QRTRLY POSTAGE, 336.93 PPG ARCHITECTURAL FINISHES, CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES, 344.42 PRESIDENT’S EDUCATION AWARDS PROGRAM, CERTIFICATES/PINS, 228.00 PROSHIELD FIRE PROTECTION, ANNUAL FIRE EXTING INSPECTIONS, 3,066.50 PROVIDENT LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY, MAY 2017 INSUR PREMIUMS, 827.28 QUILL, DISTRICT OFFICE SUPPLIES, 238.95 RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY PRESCHOOL, JUNE SWVPP PYMNT, 9,410.38 REFLECTIVE SYNERGY, LLC, JUNE 2017 CURRIC DIR SERVICES, 3,397.00 RICOH USA, INC, DISTRICT OFFICE COPIER MAINTENANCE, 21.21 ROBBINS, WHITNEY, MAY 2017 GUIDANCE MLG REIMB, 23.12 ROWAN EQUIPMENT & FABRICATION. LLC, BUS #12 – METAL FOR REPAIR, 17.44 SCHOOL BUS SALES CO, BUS REPAIRS AND PARTS, 2,821.13 SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC, HS – ADMIT STUDENT BOOK, 29.95 SCOTT, AMBER, OPEN ENROLLED-TRANSP ASSISTANCE, 480.00 SHIFFLER EQUIPMENT SALES, INC, MS DOOR LATCH – CUSTODIAL, 41.82 SITEONE LANDSCAPE SUPPLY, LLC, HS IRRIGATION – SOLENOID, 7.84 SITLER’S SUPPLIES, INC., MS CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES, 63.88 SPENCE FERTILIZER CO., CUSTODIAL – ROUNDUP WEATHERMAX, 157.16 STEFFENY MOWERS LLC, MOWER #72 – VALVE FUEL TANK, 21.40 STOAKES, CORINDY, MAY TLC MLG REIMB, 23.12 SWISHER & COHRT, PLC, MAY LEGAL SERVICES, 262.50 TAMA/GRUNDY PUBLISHING, BOARD MINUTES, BILLS, AND SALE AD, 363.52 TERNUS, LYNNE, 5/20 GASOLINE REIMBURSEMENT, 33.56 TERRY’S FOOD CENTER, MS ETIQUETTE MEAL SUPPLIES, 181.40 TIMBERLINE BILLING SERVICE LLC, MEDICAID ADMIN FEES, 2,535.36 UNION COMMUNITY SCHOOL, FEB-MAY 0217 – FACULTY POP, 490.68 UNION COMMUNITY SCHOOL, MS ETIQUETTE MEAL SUPPLIES, 307.66 URB’S DO IT BEST HARDWARE, CUSTODIAL SUPPL, DISTRICT OFFICE PAINT, 670.24 WBC MECHANICAL, INC, HS BOILER REPAIR, 465.42 WEBER PAPER COMPANY, HS CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES, 273.00 WEST MUSIC CO, MS PICCOLO REPAIR, 112.00 YMCA OF GREATER DES MOINES, MS LEADERSHIP CAMP=$32 X 14, 448.00 ZAK, WILLIAM, FINGERPRINTING REIMB, 20.00Fund Total: 346,261.18 PHYSICAL PLANT & EQUIPMENTENCOMPASS IOWA, LLC, SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT, 3,801.31 MARCO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, JULY PRINTER/COPIER AGREEMENT, 2,299.71 Fund Total: 6,101.02