Regular Board Meeting August 21, 2017 (pending board approval) 

Call to Order: Board President Joe Connolly called the regular meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. The following board members were present: Corey Lorenzen, Kevin Sash, Jenna Scott, and Brian Weber. Absent: Darrell DeWinter (arrived at 6:16 pm) and Cathy Niebergall.  Agenda: Board President Connolly requested the agenda be revised to include the following: Item 16a: Approve Marketing Company and Item 16b: Approve Second Meal Lunch Price Increase to $3.55 from $3.50.  On a motion by Weber, second by Scott, the agenda was approved as amended. Motion carried 5-0.  Correspondence: A thank you was received from Bobbi Hilmer for the Anders Scholarship she received. Superintendent’s Report: 1) Instructional Updates: Class size in the D-G Elem Kindergarten is 28 and the LPC Elem 4th grade is at 53. We will be splitting the D-G Elem Kindergarten into two sections and the LPC Elem 4th grade into three sections. We have several open coaching positions, especially at the Middle School level. Supt Fleshner reported he has contacted around 15 people regarding the Middle School volleyball positions and has not found anyone interested in taking on those duties. There are a couple of options being looked at now, including having 7th grade practice in the morning and having the 8th grade practice at the high school with the freshman after school. 2) Professional Development Updates: A PD schedule was shared with the board, showing what the teachers will be working on each of those days. Opening Day PD on August 16th went well. Positive feedback. 3) Financial Updates: SAVE Dollars: The information we received this month on the SAVE money (option tax) shows we will receive around $30,000 less annually in monthly payments than we received last year. This reduction does not include any change we may see in the reconciliation payment amount. These funds are based on enrollment and sales tax revenues. ISFIS – 5 year projections: Planning to use the ISFIS program for 5-year forecasting. PPEL Update: The papers are running articles on the Voted PPEL, explaining what it can and cannot be used for, etc. The articles are also on Facebook. Supt Fleshner is setting up meetings to meet with public groups to get information out and answer questions. Darrell DeWinter arrived at 6:16 pm. 4) Facility Updates: High School intercom project is completed and intercom is working. Concrete parking at Middle School:  Street in front of the school is finished and work is being done on approaches to the school driveways, then the parking areas will be poured. Concrete loading area behind Middle School: bids were opened today. The only bid received was for $38,066.75, which is lower than the estimate we originally received. 5) Transportation Updates: Bus routes were updated and added to Google Maps. Fuel barrels are set and in use at both bus barn locations. 6) Technology: Chromebooks are ready for use. With the purchase of a few more devices, 4th & 5th grades will be 1 to 1. K-1 and Special Education classes at elementary buildings will be using touchscreen Chromebooks. 7) On-line Registration: Used for the first time this year. Overall positive with main issues being with on-line payment. JMC has been responsive to errors. Thank you to Brenda Rottinghaus and Dale Wambold for all of their hard work in getting the registration set up. 8) Marketing Proposal: Fusion Forward is located in Independence, IA, and does marketing as well as website work. They can update our website and make our website user-friendly when trying to view the website on your cell phone. 9) IASB Conference: School Board Convention is November 15th-17th. Let us know if you are interested in attending.  2017-18 School Bus Routes: On a motion by DeWinter, second by Sash, the board approved the 2017-2018 school bus routes as presented. Motion carried 6-0.   Tennis Court Resurfacing: On a motion by DeWinter, second by Lorenzen, the board accepted the Pro Track and Tennis bid to have the tennis courts resurfaced at a cost of $74,334. This bid includes crack repair, color coat, and net post replacement. In addition, two pickleball courts will be painted on the south two courts. These amounts will all be split with the City of La Porte City, as per the 28E agreement with the City. Motion carried 6-0.  Tennis Court Lighting: On a motion by Sash, second by Scott, the board accepted the bid from Henninger to repair the tennis court lights at a cost of $7,975. This amount will also be split with the City of La Porte City, as per the 28E agreement. Motion carried 6-0. Outdoor Basketball Court: On a motion by DeWinter, second by Weber, the board accepted the bid from Pro Track and Tennis to resurface the outdoor basketball court at a cost of $5,750. Motion carried 6-0.   Second Reading of Board Policy Updates Related to Changes in the Collective Bargaining Law – 400, 401.4, 402.2, 403.1, 405.2, 405.5, 405.6, 405.7, 405.8, 406.5, 407.5, 408.1, 409.1, 409.2, 409.3, 409.4, 409.8, 411.1, 411.2, 411.4, 414.1, 414.4, 700, 701.3, and 706.1: On a motion by Weber, second by Scott, the board approved the second reading of the board policies related to changes in the collective bargaining law as listed. Motion carried 6-0.  Second Reading of Board Policy Updates Related to USDA Guidance – 507.9, 507.9R1, 710.1, 710.2, and 710.4: On a motion by Weber, second by Sash, the board approved the second reading of board policy updates related to USDA guidance as listed. Motion carried 6-0.  Second Reading of Board Policy Updates Related to ESSA – 501.16, 502.6, 503.1, 505.4, 505.8, 506.1, 506.1E1, 506.1E2, 506.1E3, 506.1E4, 506.1E5, 506.1E6, 506.1E7, 506.1E8, 5061R1, 506.2, 506.2E1, and 506.2R1: On a motion by Sash, second by Scott, the board approved the second reading of board policies related to ESSA as listed. Motion carried 6-0.  Second Reading of Board Policy Updates to 200.R1, 210.2, 302.2, 303.3, 405.4, 405.9, 505.2, and 603.2: On a motion by DeWinter, second by Sash, the board approved the first reading of 200.R1, 210.2, 302.2, 303.3, 405.4, 405.9, 505.2, and 603.2. Motion carried 6-0.  Approve UMS Concrete Bid for Work Behind Building (Loading Area): On a motion by Sash, second by Lorenzen, the board accepted the bid of $38,066.75 from Petersen Concrete Construction for concrete work in the loading area behind Union Middle School. Motion carried 6-0.    Receive and Take Action on Recommendation to Approve Participation in the Federal Free and Reduced Price Meal Program: On a motion by Weber, second by DeWinter, the board approved participation in the Federal Free and Reduced Price Meal Program. Motion carried 6-0. Approve Suspending Transfer of Partial Self-Funding Money Between the General Fund and the PSF Fund for the 2017-2018 School Year to Spend Down Current Balance in PSF Fund: On a motion by DeWinter, second by Lorenzen, the board approved suspending the transfer of partial self-funding money from the General Fund to the PSF Fund for FY18 in order to spend down the current balance in the PSF Fund. Motion carried 6-0.  Approve Marketing Company: On a motion by DeWinter, second by Lorenzen, the board approved contracting with Fusion Forward for 20 hours per month of marketing and website services at a cost of $1,250 per month. Motion carried 6-0. Approve 2nd Meal Lunch Price Increase to $3.55 from $3.50: On a motion by Sash, second by Scott, the board approved increasing the 2nd meal lunch price to $3.55 from $3.50. Motion carried 6-0.  Closed Session – Student Application for Readmission – Iowa Code 21.5(1)(e): On a motion by Lorenzen, second by DeWinter, the board voted to go into closed session as provided in Code of Iowa section 21.5(1)(e) of the open meetings law to determine whether to suspend, expel, or readmit a student to the Union Community School District. Roll call vote: Lorenzen – aye, Sash – aye, Scott – aye, Weber – aye, Connolly – aye, and DeWinter – aye. Motion carried 6-0.The board went into closed session at 7:05 pm.  On a motion by Lorenzen, second by Weber, the board voted to go into open session.  Roll call vote: Sash – aye, Scott – aye, Weber – aye, Connolly – aye, DeWinter – aye, and Lorenzen – aye. Motion carried 6-0.  The board returned to open session at 7:15 pm.  Student Application for Readmission: On a motion by Sash, second by Lorenzen, the board approved the student’s application for readmission. Motion carried 6-0.  Consent Agenda: Minutes of the July 17, 2017 board meetings; Claims to be Paid; Personnel: Resignations – Jackie Barz as Summer Maintenance, Maggie Driscol as Summer Maintenance, Scott Hilmer as MS Wrestling Asst, Pat Hogan as HS Head Wrestling, Bart Mehlert as HS Wrestling 2nd Asst, PJ Mouton as MS Head B-BB, Donna Steffen as Bus Driver – Route, Appointments – Denise Albertsen as Bus Driver – PM Route, Dee Calkins as D-G Elem Kitchen Asst (transfer), Julie Carty as Mentor, Terri Donlea as Mentor, Amy Fleming as 4th Grd – LPC Elem, Jennifer Gates as Mentor, Tracie Grosse as Mentor, Raini Hilmer as HS VB Asst, Hope Hix as Mentor, Pat Hogan as HS Assistant Wrestling, Deb Jungling as Mentor, Amy Kriz as Mentor, Alyssa Linderer as LPC Elem/HS Nurse (0.5 FTE to 0.875 FTE), Bart Mehlert as HS Head Wrestling, Allie Neitzke as Kindergarten – D-G Elem, Kim Ortiz as LPC Elem 0.5 FTE Night Custodian, Angela Petersen as Mentor, Royce Rottinghaus as Bus Driver – AM Route, Julie Schmidt as Mentor, Mike Schmidt as Mentor, Caitlin Schmitz as Mentor, Patty Wandschneider as 0.5 FTE Title I – LPC Elem; Open Enrollment Requests.On a motion by Lorenzen, second by Scott, the board approved the consent agenda. Motion carried 6-0.  Adjourn: On a motion by Sash, second by DeWinter, the meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm. Motion carried 6-0.  Joseph R Connolly, Board President  Kathy Krug, Board SecretaryINVOICES APPROVED AUGUST 21, 2017GENERAL FUND                            ACCESS ELEVATOR & LIFTS, INC, 7/25 HS/MS PREV MAINT/ANNUAL INSPECTION, 510.00 ADVANCED SYSTEMS, INC, COPIER MAINTENANCE, 149.33 ALLIANT ENERGY/IPL, NATURAL GAS, 383.93 BLACK HILLS ENERGY, NATURAL GAS, 328.76 BLICK ART MATERIALS, D-G ELEM ART SUPPLIES, 4,699.94 BMO HARRIS MASTERCARD, CLASSROOM SUPPLIES, 4,336.24 BP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, GASOLINE, 39.47 BREITBACH, JAMES & MARCIE, FY17 NON-PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION REIMB, 381.61 BRODIGAN, DENISE, 6/8 DOT PHYSICAL REIMB, 60.00 BSN SPORTS COLLEGIATE PACIFIC, HS PE SUPPLIES, 489.01 CAROLINA BIOLOGICAL SUPPLY CO, HS SCIENCE SUPPLIES, 1,244.51 CARROT-TOP INDUSTRIES, INC, HS – IOWA/US FLAGS, 157.89 CASEY’S GENERAL STORE, GASOLINE, 629.52 CAVENDISH SQUARE, HS LIBRARY BOOKS, 255.60 CAYTON, KRISTIN, 7/23 EARLY LITERACY CONF- MLG REIMB, 208.08 CENGAGE LEARNING, HS BUSINESS EDUC SOFTWARE, 664.95 CENTRAL IOWA TECH, HEAT DETECTOR REPAIRS-DYSART BLDGS, 1,305.00 CENTURY LINK, JULY LONG DISTANCE CHARGES, 41.71 CITY OF DYSART, UTILITIES, 4,724.96 CNC LUMBER & SUPPLIES, LLC, MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES, 15.98 COMFORT INN & SUITES – DES MOINES, IA, 8/3 SAI HOTEL EXPENSES, 386.40 COMPRESSED AIR & EQUIPMENT CO, INC, MS BOILER REPAIRS, 319.72 CONJUGUEMOS, HS FOREIGN LANG – FY18 SITE LICENSE, 60.00 CONSOLIDATED ENERGY CO, LLC, DEF FLUID, 3,675.60 DISCOUNT MAGAZINE INC SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE, HS LIBRARY – MAGAZINES, 300.66 DYSART TIRE & SERVICE, INC, VEHICLE REPAIRS, 3,371.11 EASTERN IOWA TIRE, INC, GASOLINE/DIESEL FUEL, 1,130.90 EGSI, LLC, LPC/D-G ELEM K-1 TEACHER LICENSES, 1,113.00 ENCOMPASS IOWA, LLC, JULY & AUGUST TECHNOLOGY SERVICES, 12,676.00 ENSLOW PUBLISHING LLC, HS LIBRARY BOOKS, 215.70 ERIC ARMIN INCORPORATED, D-G ELEM CLASSROOM SUPPLIES, 43.39 FARMERS COOP TELEPHONE CO, LOCAL SVC, 1,063.42 FLESHNER, STACY, REIMB FOR 8/16 PD MEAL SUPPLIES, 134.98 FREY SCIENTIFIC CO, MS SCIENCE SUPPLIES, 180.82 GLYNLYON, INC, ODYSSEYWARE RENEWAL, 4,800.00 GOODWIN TUCKER GROUP, HS ICE MACHINE REPAIR, 370.97 GOPHER SPORT, HS PE SUPPLIES, 484.38 GRAHAM’S TREE & STUMP, RREMOVE TREES/STUMPS-LPC BUS BARN, 4,685.00 HAMES, SHANNON AND CHRIS, FY17 NON-PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION REIMB, 381.61 HAWKEYE COMMUNICATION/FANDEL ALARM, D-G ELEM ALARM MONITORING SERV, 72.30 HENNINGER ELECTRIC, INSTALL ELECTR FOR DIESEL FUEL PUMPS, 908.16 HOGLUND BUS CO, INC, BUS #21 – REPL RF WHL SPEED SENSOR, 308.20 HOLIDAY INN, 7/19 HOTEL EXPENSE-TIMMER, NEWTON, 181.44 HY-VEE, 7/31 FUNERAL FLOWERS- K MICHAEL’S DAD, 40.00 IA ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL BOARDS, FISCAL MNGMNT CONF – FLESHNER, 170.00 IOWA ASSOC OF AGRICULTURAL EDUCATORS, IAAE SUMMER CONFERENCE REGISTR, 425.00 IOWA COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK, HS – INTERNET SERVICE, 2,195.20 IOWA DEPT OF HUMAN SERVICES, FY17 MEDICAID REIMB, 11,497.92 IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES, CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES, 1,214.52 IOWA PUPIL TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION, FY18 MEMBERSHIP, 275.00 JENKINS, PENNY & JOSEPH, FY17 NON-PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION REIMB, 430.90 JOHN’S QWIK STOP, GASOLINE, 116.61 JOHNSTONE SUPPLY, MS HEAT PUMP, 741.89JUNIOR LIBRARY GUILD, HS LIBRARY BOOKS, 1,799.20 KAPCO, HS LIBRARY SUPPLIES, 180.77 KIMBALL, AMY, FY17 NON-PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION REIMB, 1,194.14 LA PORTE CITY POSTMASTER, POSTAGE FALL NEWSLETTER, 654.00 LA PORTE CITY PRINTING & DESIGN, INC, 7/17 BOARD MINUTES AND BILLS, 5,542.03 LA PORTE CITY TELEPHONE CO., LOCAL SVC, 1,251.40 LA PORTE CITY UTILITIES, UTILITIES, 10,720.95 LAKESHORE LEARNING MATERIALS, LPC ELEM CLASSROOM SUPPLIES, 268.48 LAPORTE MOTOR SUPPLY, INC, VEH #73 REPAIR PARTS, 15.12 LOCKSPERTS, INC, FUEL BARREL LOCKS, 76.92 LONG, KEVIN, 7/31 DOT PHYSICAL REIM, 70.00 MADISON NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO, AUG/SEPT LIFE/LTD PREMIUMS, 4,042.86 MARCO PRODUCTS, INC, D-G COUNSELOR SUPPLIES, 74.85 MARCO, INC, LPC ELEM STAPLES FOR COPIER, 185.66 MENARD, INC, LPC ELEM SCIENCE SUPPLIES, 456.16 MERCER H&B ADMIN -IOWA FIDUCIARY, SEPT PREMIUMS, 145,378.99 MONKEYTOWN, OFFICE & CLASSROOM SUPPLIES, 5,348.55 MOTORHEAD MAYHEM SERVICE & REPAIR, VEHICLE REPAIRS, 1,509.00 NASCO, LPC ELEM CLASSROOM SUPPLIES, 64.22 NIE, LINDSAY, FY17 NON-PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION REIMB, 812.52 OLLENDIECK, MINDY, 7/31 JMS MEETING – MILEAGE REIMB, 71.40 ORKIN PEST CONTROL 7/26 PEST CONTROL 281.48 P & K MIDWEST INC, UNIT #71 JD – REPAIR PARTS, 80.22 PAPER CORPORATION, THE, COPY PAPER, 2,489.40 PECENKA, PAULA-JEAN, FY17 NON-PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION REIMB, 763.23 PEPSI-COLA, FACULTY POP, 464.20 PIONEER VALLEY BOOKS, D-G ELEM – TITLE I SUPPLIES, 122.10 PITNEY BOWES EASY PERMIT POSTAGE, 7/18 HS POSTAGE, 500.00 PIZZA PALACE, 8/16 STAFF MEAL, 325.93 PLANK ROAD PUBLISHING, INC, LPC ELEM VOCAL MUSIC SUPPLIES, 112.45 PRANGER, MARIA, FY17 NON-PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION REIMB, 1,194.13 PROVIDENT LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY, JULY 2017 PREMIUMS, 827.28 QUILL, OFFICE SUPPLIES, 1,623.40 REALLY GOOD STUFF, INC, D-G ELEM CREDIT FOR “FREE” ITEMS CHGD, 531.54 RENAISSANCE LEARNING, INC, FY18 RENEWAL ELEM STAR, A/R, HOSTING, 5,745.25 RICOH USA, INC, DISTRICT OFFICE COPIER MAINTENANCE, 13.68 ROCHESTER 100 INC, LPC ELEM CLASSROOM SUPPLIES, 267.50 ROCKETS LA PORTE CITY BAKERY, ETC. LLC, DOUGHNUTS – 8/16 STAFF BREAKFAST, 117.00 ROSEN PUBLISHING GROUP, INC, HS LIBRARY BOOKS, 310.40 SCHARES, KEVIN AND SUSAN, FY17 NON-PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION REIMB, 430.90 SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS OF IOWA, FY18 MEMBERSHIPS, 3,830.00 SCHOOL BUS SALES CO, SAFETY VEST – TRANSPORTATION, 148.17 SCHOOL HEALTH CORPORATION, LPC ELEM NURSE SUPPLIES, 168.50 SCHOOL NURSE SUPPLY, D-G ELEM NURSE SUPPLIES, 283.69 SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC, D-G ELEM CLASSROOM SUPPLIES, 1,340.35 SCHOOL SPECIALTY/CLASSROOM DIRECT, D-G ELEM CLASSROOM SUPPLIES, 159.72 SERIOUS SANITATION INC, REFUSE SERV – 3 TON CONSTR DISPOSAL, 180.00 SERVICE ROOFING COMPANY, LPC ELEM – ROOF REPAIR, 206.02 SIMPLY BLOOMING, FLOWERS-J GOODWIN’S DAD, 35.00 SITSPOTS, LLC, LPC ELEM CLASSROOM SUPPLIES, 21.87 SNYDER AUTO GLASS, VAN #44 – WINDSHIELD, 200.00 SOUKUP, ERIN AND ERIC, FY17 NON-PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION REIMB, 430.90 SPENCE FERTILIZER CO., ROUNDUP – CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES, 150.15 STAPLES CREDIT PLAN, MS OFFICE SUPPLIES, 68.65 STRUBEL, WILLIAM, 7/21 DOT PHYSICAL REIMB, 70.00SUPERIOR WELDING SUPPLY CO, DYSART BUS BARN SUPPLIES, 80.00 SWISHER & COHRT, PLC, JULY LEGAL SERVICES, 315.00 TAMA/GRUNDY PUBLISHING, BOARD MINUTES, BILLS, WAGES PUBLISHED, 480.54 TEACHER DIRECT, D-G ELEM CLASSROOM SUPPLIES, 163.96 TEACHING STRATEGIES LLC, LPC ELEM GOLD ASSESSMENT PORTFOLIO, 188.10 TIMBERLINE BILLING SERVICE LLC, JULY MEDICAID ADMIN FEES, 1,206.45 TOWN & COUNTRY WHOLESALE CO. LPC ELEM POPCORN SUPPLIES, 156.29 UNION COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT, FY18 HS LIBRARY START CASH, 25.00 URB’S DO IT BEST HARDWARE, CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES, 349.20 VAN METER INDUSTRIAL, INC., CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES, 261.91 VERNIER SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY, LLC, MS SCIENCE SUPPLIES, 152.63 VINTON NEWSPAPERS, HS – 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION, 70.00 VINTON-SHELLSBURG COMM SCH, FY17 CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT, 258.37 WATERLOO COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT, FY17 FINAL SPEC EDUC BILLING, 55,531.43 WELLMARK BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD, FY18 3RD PARTY EOB FEES, 1,420.00 WELTER STORAGE, HS BOOKCASES, 380.00 WEST MUSIC CO, D-G ELEM VOCAL MUSIC SUPPLIES, 725.05 WILLIAM V MACGILL & COMPANY, LPC ELEM NURSE SUPPLIES, 133.22 YOUNG PLUMBING AND HEATING, D-G ELEM-AIREDALE REPAIRS, 2,234.26 Fund Total: 341,939.03 MANAGEMENT FUND                         LA PORTE CITY INSURANCE AGENCY, FY18 INSURANCE PREMIUMS, 178,277.50 Fund Total: 178,277.50 PHYSICAL PLANT & EQUIPMENTCOVER ONE, INC, HS LIBRARY -BOOK REPAIR BINDING MACHINE, 1,327.50 ENCOMPASS IOWA, LLC, AUGUST TECHNOLOGY SERVICES, 5,276.00 FOLLETT SCHOOL SOLUTIONS, INC, HS – DESTINY RENEWAL, 2,085.00 MARCO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, PRINTER/COPIER AGREEMENT, 10,243.49 Fund Total: 18,931.99 CAPITAL PROJECTS                        COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEERING COMPANY, 40% DEPOSIT – INTERCOM SYSTEM REPL, 24,737.78 HATCH GRADING & CONTRACTING, INC, REMOVE ASPHALT-EAST/WEST OF WEST ST, 5,200.00 STRUXTURE ARCHITECTS PLC, JUNE CHARGES – FACILITY STUDY, 122.50 Fund Total: 30,060.28 EXPENDIBLE TRUSTDES MOINES AREA COMMUNITY COLLEGE – BOONE CAMPUS, PEYTON PARKER – VB SCHOLARSHIP, 150.00 Fund Total: 150.00