By Erin Wittenburg, UHS Physical Education Instructor

The Union High School Physical Education Department recently received the 2012 McElroy Grant to “KINECT to Fitness.” Students at Union High School enjoy morning workouts and Friday Fitness in the new weight room and requested more structured cardiovascular options. As a result of this student driven request, a NIKE Xbox with KINECT, two televisions, and six interactive cardio-led instruction games were purchased through grant funds.

These games monitor student performance and give instant and cumulative feedback about their motions and overall movement when students finish a workout. We are excited and putting the equipment to immediate use. UHS students are currently creating fitness profiles and through WiFi and Xbox LIVE programming, with the expectation that students eventually will connect to and challenge other students globally.

The Union High School Physical Education Department thanks the 2012 McElroy Grant Foundation and the stakeholders of Union Community Schools for the enhanced opportunities for our students to learn lifetime fitness routines. Together, we are building something very motivational and inspiring for students to productively utilize and self-improve.