Throughout the school year, Union Middle School Band students are awarded with outstanding achievement points. These points are earned for doing the things that help them improve, be successful in playing their instruments and contribute to the overall success of the program.  Students gain points in a variety of ways- by passing lesson book songs and band concert literature, for positive attitude and effort in band rehearsals, for achieving high grades and percentages at the end of each trimester, for performing in concerts and outside of the requirements, for participation in honor band, jazz band and solo contest, for taking private lessons with a professional on their chosen instrument, for memorizing scales, coming to band lessons without being called, and for taking summer lessons.  Overall, they need to be good role models and strive to be the ideal band student.

The award is not easy to achieve. It is based more on effort and achieving one’s highest potential than on sheer talent. There are three levels of achievement students can attain, depending on the number of points they earn- Gold, Silver and Bronze. The following students received these honors:

6th Grade Bronze: Ben Behrens, Karson Hennings, Hunter Klima, Emily Miehe, Mason Scott, Clayton Sparks, Hunter Stwalley, CJ Weltzin; 6th Grade Silver: Scarlett Ellsworth, Hannah Gates, Carter Spore; 6th Grade Gold: Allie Carty, Megan Carty, Kody Crawford, Alex Kiler, Anthony Kiler, Jacob Lowe, Ben Rempe, Rashawn Williams; 7th Grade Bronze: Blake Faber, Abby Johnson, Meghan Klein, Tyler Viar; 7th Grade Silver: Kortlyn Ewoldt, Audrey Powers, Emily Wilson; 7th Grade Gold: Lyric Dutton, Hunter Fleshner, Wesley Hanson, Lauren Harrigan, Tate Hookham, Jacob Opperman, Emma Peters, Cade Rahlf, Joe Ruzicka, Emily Schmidt; 8th Grade Bronze: Krystal Putz, Madi Winter; 8th Grade Silver: Colton Adams, Summer DeHart, Daycen Douglass, Mason Pelke, Payton Sash, Connor Sherwin; 8th Grade Gold: Nathan Acuff, Geneva Basye, Neesa Bellinger, Taylor Brown, Emily Dobson, Austin Frush, Anna Garwood, Veronica Haas, Haley Harkness, Bobbie Hilmer, Lizzie Klein, Peyton Parker, Brady Rempe, Hallie Spore, Heather Vaughn