6th Grade Physical Science
1st place:  Teagan Prouse and Kurtis Brustkern
2nd Place:  Piper Wiedenhoff and Emma Carlson
3rd Place:  Jack Thomsen and Brayden Grosse

6th Grade Biological Science
1st Place:  Veronica Thomsen and Sam Glenn
2nd Place:  Carlie Hoppe and Emma Shirk
3rd Place:  Grace Asmussen and Lille Wrobel

7th Grade Physical Science
1st Place:  Sam Ollendieck and Gavin Miller
2nd Place:  Jacob Lowe and Josh Ternus
3rd Place:  Clayton Kokesh and Carter Asmussen

7th Grade Biological Science
1st Place:  Megan Carty and Cylie McNeal
2nd Place:  Anthony Kiler
3rd Place:  Ben Dvorak

8th Grade
1st Place:  Emily Schmidt
2nd Place:  Izzy Werner
3rd Place:  Cade Rahlf