With Parent-Teacher Conferences scheduled just one week into the new school year, “What could my child’s teacher possibly tell me about work completed and grades in such a short time?” is a question on the minds of many.

The fall Parent-Teacher Conferences in the Union Community School District will see a change in focus from what was typically a teacher report to parents about their child’s grades and test scores to a new model designed to be a proactive conversation among teacher, parents, and students. Parents will learn about upcoming classroom schedules, activities and the expectations of the school. Parents will be encouraged to share insights about their child(ren), with the goal of establishing an open avenue of communication that will carry on throughout the entire school year.

Research has shown that parental involvement is the most important factor in a student’s success in school. It is the district’s desire to kick off the new school year in a positive fashion, by starting conversations, establishing positive relationships and working together with parents and students as partners in education.

Parent teacher conferences will be scheduled on Wednesday, August 28, from 2-6 PM, and Thursday, August 29, from 3-8 PM. There will be noon dismissals on both conference days, followed by no school on Friday, August 30.

Reminders will be sent home with elementary and middle school students, indicating the time of their scheduled conference. The high school staff will be available to meet with parents in the media center both days. Parents are encouraged to stop by at their convenience and meet with one or all of their student’s teachers.