Special Board Meeting
December 12, 2016
(pending board approval)
Roll: The special meeting of the Board was called to order by Board President Connolly at 6:00 pm in the Board Room. The following board members were present: Darrell DeWinter, Corey Lorenzen, Cathy Niebergall, Kevin Sash, Jenna Scott, and Brian Weber.
Agenda: On a motion by Niebergall, seconded by Sash, the board approved the agenda as presented. Motion carried 7-0.
Superintendent’s Report: 1) Restructuring of the Food Service Department: Supt Fleshner reported to the board that with the resignation in the Food Service Department, we need to look at how we might be able to reconfigure the department and assure the department is running at its most efficient. The proposal being considered would not result in any current kitchen employees losing employment. For the last two years, the Food Service Director has been a combined position with the Middle School Head Cook position. With the paperwork and meal tracking that is being required, we are looking at moving back to a stand-alone position for the Food Service Director. We know that the qualifications the State requires for a Food Service Director will limit the size of any potential application pool for that position and we will be reviewing internal candidates first. While the nutritional guidelines we must meet have changed, we have not made in changes in personnel. There are fewer bakery items we can include in our meal offerings and we have continued to have two staff assigned to the bakery at the high school and one assigned as baker at the Middle School, with no bakery in the Middle School building. Our proposal would be to reinstate a stand-alone Food Service Director position, have a Head Cook in each building, review staffing levels in each kitchen, close the bakery at the High School and put a bread contract for La Porte City in place and, starting next school year, kitchen staff would be assigned new position titles as Kitchen Asst.
Lorenzen stepped out at 6:58 pm and returned at 7:14 pm.
2) Early Retirement Policy: Currently there are 22 employees eligible for all or part of the early retirement program listed in board policies 407.6 and 413.6. There has been discussion of adding an additional incentive to this year’s package. The board received information on the costing of the early retirement package as it is listed in the board policies, as well as with several options of additional incentive amounts. The board discussed the early retirement programs, the current and future financial effects of the policies on the district’s Management Fund, and their options in implementing the programs.
Restructuring the Food Service Department: On a motion by Sash, seconded by Weber, the board approved the restructuring of the Food Service Department. Motion carried 7-0.
Early Retirement Policy 407.6 and 413.6: Niebergall made a motion that during the 2016-2017 school year, the Union School Board will offer an additional $5,000.00 dollars as a retirement benefit to all qualifying staff members should 10 qualifying members accept benefits currently outlined in school board policies 407.6 and 413.6. The Union School Board reserves the right to accept a lesser number of qualifying member’s requests to accept retirement benefits or rescind this action should the qualifying number of 10 not be met. The School Board will also allow staff members the opportunity to rescind their retirement requested based on this board action not being offered. Current early retirement deadline of January 16th, 2017 will be maintained for this school board action. The current board policy on early retirement benefits will be in place for 2017-2018 school year with no additional incentives. The policy regarding early retirements will be removed on January 16, 2018. Weber seconded the motion. Motion carried 7-0.
Adjourn: On a motion by Niebergall, seconded by Weber, the meeting adjourned at 7:57 pm. Motion carried 7-0.
Joseph R Connolly Jr, President Kathy Krug, Board Secretary