If everything goes according to plan, online visitors logging onto the Union Community Schools’ website will soon be greeted with a new look. Over the past several months, the district has made progress in developing the online resources it wants to make available to patrons. For example, a new online registration process was initiated last August, offering families the opportunity to enroll from a remote location. As the number of people relying on mobile devices for 24/7 access to online resources continues to rapidly grow, the district’s investment in this area puts a tremendous amount of information about Union Community Schools literally at the fingertips of any mobile device user.

At last week’s School Board meeting, Superintendent Travis Fleshner announced updates to the district’s website could be up and running by the end of the month.

In other business, the School Board received a presentation from Dysart-Geneseo Elementary School principal Mark Albertsen, district instructional strategists Michelle Keegan and Corindy Stoakes, school counselor Whitney Robbins and third grade teacher Lynne Ternus related to Learning Support Teams (LST). This program involves general education interventions with students in many areas, including reading, math, behavior, and health. In addition to aforementioned staff mmbers, Learning Support Teams involve the classroom teacher, Title I teachers and Math and Literacy Consultants from the Centreal Rivers Area Education Agency.

The group’s presentation to the board simulated a mock LST meeting to help the board better understand how the team meetings are handled, what type of information is collected, possible interventions that might be used with the student, and how those interventions are measured and evaluated.