Parents of students in the Union Community School District are being asked to register students at the building in which they will attend class for the 2013-2014 school year. Registration will be held in each building from 1 – 7 PM on Wednesday, August 7 and Thursday, August 8. The first day of school will be Wednesday, August 21.

New student registration at the midde and high school will be held Friday, August 9 from 9 AM –  Noon. It is important for parents of students who are new to the district to attend registration so that they can sign a form authorizing release of their child’s records from their previous school. The school also needs new students’ names and grade levels so they can be appropriately assigned to teachers and/or classes, and can be included on bus lists, if transportation will be required.

It is important that parents attend one of these registration dates to fill out for the first time or update each student’s enrollment card. This enrollment card contains the following emergency notification data which is of the utmost importance to the school:

  • Information on where to locate parents in case of illness or injury.
  • Name of physician and hospital choice.
  • Phone numbers of relatives or friends/neighbors who may be contacted if parents cannot be reached. It is important to check with these persons before listing them on the form. It needs to be someone who is not working outside the home, has transportation available, and preferably who lives close to the student’s home.
  • Some of the forms you will be required to complete at registration are available on the district’s website, They are listed by building so you may print them off for each student registering and bring the completed forms to registration if you wish, in some cases the forms are fillable online.
  • Student fees are due and payable at registration time. All checks must be made payable to Union Community School District.

2013-2014 Union Schools Fees

Parents of students meeting specific financial eligibility standards will be eligible for a waiver of student fees or a reduction of student fees based upon the request of the parent. An explanation of the fee waiver and reduction procedures and a form to apply for them are available in the school office.

School Fees: Grades K-5:

Textbook/Instructional Materials Fees – $40; School Action Planner – $3; Yearbooks – $9; Student Activity Ticket – $35*

School Fees: Grades 6-8:

Textbook/Instructional Materials Fees – $52; School Action Planner – $6; Towel Fees – $7; Instrument Rental Fees – $54; Yearbooks – $13; Student Activity Ticket – $35*

School Fees: Grades 9-12:

Textbook/Instructional Materials Fees – $52; School Action Planner – $6; Towel Fees – $15; Instrument Rental Fees – $54; Band Uniform Fees – $15; Choir Robe Fees – 15;  Student Activity Ticket – $35*

Driver Education Fees:

Resident Students: $250; Non-Resident Students: $500

*Please Note: The Student Activity Ticket may be used at all home high school athletic contests, plays and concerts. It is not accepted at state association activities hosted by Union Schools.