District’s plan for 2020-21 school year continues to be a work in progress

As the calendar creeps toward August and thoughts turn to back to school, Superintendent Travis Fleshner gave district patrons an update on plans the district is making for the new school year in a Facebook live video last week. Fleshner indicated the district’s first draft for a Return to Learn Plan, which he stressed would continue to evolve based on the latest information about the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as feedback from district patrons, was expected to be posted on the district’s website (www.union.k12.ia.us) on July 27. Included with the information designed to give parents a broad overview of how the district hopes to proceed and deal with the challenges of limiting the spread of the coronavirus, Fleshner said a comment section will allow patrons to ask questions and share feedback about the preliminary plans offered. While acknowledging the district cannot accommodate every concern or special request expressed, the feedback offered will be helpful as the district moves forward to further develop its Return to Learn Plan.

Currently, the district is preparing to begin the school year on the date indicated by the school calendar- August 24, with learning taking place on site in the school buildings. Fleshner noted that because of a variety of medical concerns, some families would have understandable apprehensions about sending their children back to school. While stressing that Union is not an online school, Fleshner said the district expects to offer an online component for those students unable to participate in learning at their school building. He also indicated the district will provide a form at school registration that will allow families to make a request to move to remote learning. The form will ask the family’s physician to provide a brief statement with a general diagnosis why a student cannot come back to school.

For Fleshner’s complete message to district patrons, logon to the Union Community Schools’ Facebook page.