By Gabriel Hines

After 29 years of service to Union Community School District, Louis Beck has announced his retirement. The task of finding someone to pick up the reigns and continue on isn’t an easy one.

Many hopeful teachers submitted their applications online and waited, hoping to be one of the lucky few who would get the opportunity to interview for the job.

Out of the many applicants, four got interviews: one former student, two of Mr. Beck’s former student teachers, and one teacher from a neighboring school district. Needless to say, they are far from strangers. With such a close-knit community where your neighbor is family, having someone who you already know pick up the reigns isn’t such a bad thing.

After four intense interview and many long days of somber thought, the announcement was made and Mr. Beck’s replacement had been chosen. Adam Soquitne, Mr. Beck’s former student teacher and the current Agricultural Education instructor at Wapsie, Soquitne is no stranger to the area.

The decision couldn’t have been easy, and it’s one that probably resulted in sleepless nights. With an Ag. Ed. program as diverse and enriched as ours, having a competent instructor to lead the department is crucial to it running smoothly

I believe that the school has made the right decision about Mr. Beck’s replacement. Most of the student who were taking an Ag. Ed. class when Mr. Soquitne was here enjoyed his presence, his awful dad jokes, and his style of teaching.

I’m hopeful for the future, and I wish Mr. Sacquitne the best of luck