On a nearly picture-perfect spring day in the nation’s capital, ninety-one area veterans toured Washington, D.C., visiting several military memorials and Arlington National Cemetery, as part of the first of three Honor Flights that will depart from Waterloo in 2013. The trip was the sixth Waterloo Honor Flight since May of 2011, and included 75 veterans who served in the Korean War.

Veterans with local ties included Bud Dungan, Oren Hoyt and Ervin Krug of La Porte City and Duane and Richard Albertsen, Phillip Gajewsky, Donald Hach, Donald Hubbard, Merlin Lassen, Melvin Raub and David Wieck of Dysart. For photo galleries and a musical slide show featuring the sights of the day, logon to www.theprogressreview.co.