Plan to attend the hilarious and sometimes touching performance of The Big Five-Oh written by Iowan Brian Mitchell and presented by the Wolf Creek Players on May 9-12 at the St. Joseph’s Building in Dysart.

Whoever said life is better after fifty had better be right! George Thomas is turning fifty on Saturday, and it has been a terrible week. His dog is sick, his son is a slacker, and his daughter wants to marry a Republican. With a neurotic wife and a widowed neighbor providing more challenges than even George can overcome, this may be the worst week of his life. Through these trying days, George will discover the wonders of family, the responsibilities of parenthood, and the results of his latest physical. The play shows how a grown man comes to terms with his age, his relationship with his son, and his future. It is the story of a middle-aged man finally growing up.

The cast includes: Tony John who plays George Thomas, a professor of sociology, and turning fifty years old; Linda Wiges who plays Marie Thomas, loving wife of George; Jana Ryan plays Julie Thomas, daughter of Marie and George; Zach Kennedy, who plays Eric Thomas, son of Marie and George; Brian Winslow plays Douglas, Julie’s fiancé; Alice McGrath plays Kathy Walters, a widowed sweet grandmotherly neighbor; Ella Wicks plays Sara Donavan, student of George’s. The production’s co-directors are Reda Charmichael and Jim Radatz.

Performances are at 7 PM, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights May 9-11. The Sunday May 12 performance will be at 2 PM. This could be a special outing for mother on Mother’s Day. Ticket prices are $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under. Order tickets by calling Nancy Havran at 319-476-3767 or emailing

The St. Joseph Building is at the corner of Hwy 21 and Clark Street.