As concerns over the Zika virus continue to grow, blood centers across the United States, including LifeServe Blood Center, have taken precautionary steps to ensure the safety of the local blood supply through donor screening and deferral procedures for the Zika virus. Because Puerto Rico has been identified as an endemic area for the Zika virus, all blood collections in that region have been suspended and LifeServe Blood Center has been asked to help support their blood needs by sending lifesaving blood products to hospitals across the Caribbean island.
LifeServe Blood Center supports all blood needs for more than 120 hospitals across the tristate region of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Frequently, the center is asked to help fulfill blood needs across the United States in cities where blood collections are not strong enough to support patient demand. Due to the commitment and support of local blood donors, LifeServe strives to be able to support other parts of the US during these times of need. In order to fulfill the patient blood needs in Puerto Rico, LifeServe Blood Center is asking the community to roll up their sleeve and give a lifesaving blood donation that will positively impact the lives of patients both locally and globally.
“LifeServe Blood Center is fortunate to serve communities with loyal volunteers,” said Stacy Sime, LifeServe Blood Center CEO.
“As Zika endemic regions continue to grow and we learn more about the effects of the virus, we are asking our blood donors to boost the blood supply so that we can help save lives not only locally, but globally,” said Sime.
“As many donors in our region embark on spring break travel, we are also encouraging donors to donate before they travel to Zika impacted areas to ensure we continue to maintain a strong blood supply,” Sime added.
While the risk of Zika transmission through blood transfusion is still being explored, there is no evidence that the Zika virus has ever been transmitted through blood transfusion. LifeServe Blood Center will continue its cautionary steps to ensure the safety of the local blood supply through donor screening and deferral procedures for the Zika virus. LifeServe Blood Center is urging individuals to donate by scheduling a blood donation appointment. For further information, or to schedule a blood donation appointment, visit or call 800.287.4903.
LifeServe Blood Center was established in April, 2010 when The Blood Center of Iowa joined operations with Siouxland Community Blood Bank. As one of the 15 largest blood centers in the country, LifeServe Blood Center provides blood and blood products to more than 120 hospitals located across Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.